Ecometrica and partners of Forest 2020 reinforce actions to improve forest monitoring in Mexico.

AMBIO collaborates with Ecometrica, Pronatura Sur, The College of the South Border (ECOSUR) and the Trust for the Development of the Jalisco Forestry Program (FIPRODEFO) in the Forests 2020 project, supported by the International Partners Program of the United Kingdom Space Agency. This project aims to evaluate and improve the detection of forest change (loss and degradation) in Mexico, map the risk of deforestation and fires and facilitate the flow of information between the national and state levels.

The Earth Observation Laboratory (EO Labs, for its acronym in English) is facilitating the communication and transfer of information between the authorities and key actors in Mexico at the state and regional level, so they can take action. The EO Lab also facilitates the analysis and evaluation of policies, conservation and agriculture programs.

Mexico is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, however, the country loses around 90,000 hectares of forest each year. Improvements in the forest monitoring system will allow generating better estimates, since the system will help the authorities to detect early stages of deforestation and with greater precision. In addition, it will be possible to identify areas under greater risk and develop more efficient forest policies.

Forest monitoring is of utmost importance to report on the progress of the policies on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD +) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, as well as to the World Bank. At the regional level, forest monitoring is of utmost importance to evaluate the impact of programs and projects such as GEF-CI, Scolel'te and fire management.

The directors of Ecometrica met with the partners of Forests 2020 in Chiapas and Jalisco, who are making progress in mapping forest changes, degradation and deforestation risks at the state level. With the accompaniment of the AMBIO staff, they visited the communities participating in the Scolel´te Program at Lake Tziscao in Chiapas, where Ecometrica has purchased coffee, which is being cultivated as part of the Plan Vivo carbon bonds scheme.




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