The impact of the Planes Vivos as a territorial planning tool.

The planes vivos are the territorial planning tool of the Paln Vivo System and the Scolel´te Program, which allow the planning of activities and commitments that will be carried out in the plots registered in the program. They are a key element, which helps producers to know the spatial distribution of their plots, their productive potentials, schedules of activities, as well as the economic, social and environmental viability of the plots that will implement agroforestry or forestry systems.

These planes vivos have helped 1,394 smalholders, men and women participating in the Scolel´te Program, to plan their productive activities, with a sustainable approach. The Encino family (of Tseltal origin), from the ejido Cristóbal Colón, municipality of Ocosingo, participates in Scolel´te since 2009. This family has 4 hectares in total and these are distributed among the cultivation of coffee, improved fallow, milpa for self-consumption and planting trees.

In the last monitoring of the Encino´s family plot (2019), its 1 hectare plot under the taungya agroforestry system, recorded 285 cedar trees, 180 mahogany, 110 baril trees and 31 maculis, giving a total of 606 trees, with appropriate species to the area and to a tropical climate. In general, the trees of this plot have an average height of 9.5 meters and an average diameter of 7 centimeters. The trees in the plot provide multiple ecosystem services, such as soil improvement, as well as water retention.


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