Community exchange experience for the knowledge of the Chapaya Palm.

The AMBIO Cooperative promotes activities that allow social participation and contribute to the community benefit. Part of these activities are the exchanges of knowledge from farmer to farmer, which on this occasion was on the topic of the cultivation of the chapaya palm (Astrocaryum mexicanum).

This exchange is part of the project "Initiatives for an Integrated, Legal and Inclusive Management of the Ecosystem in the Zoque Jungle-Sumidero Canyon Complex", which has the support of the Cooperación Forestal México-Estados Unidos (US Forest Service)

Its headquarters were the facilities of the Ejido Emilio Rabasa Ecotourism Center, with the participation of 15 smallholders (6 women and 9 men) from the San Joaquín, San Joaquín El Rosario and the Ejido Emilio Rabasa, in addition to the participation of a technician from the National Commission of the Natural Protected Areas (CONANP–REBISO).

Topics such as germination, propagation and environmental requirements for the development of the chapaya palm were addressed, as well as the environmental overview and the conditioning factors for those ejidos with government programs for the conservation of the species.

The benefits that the chapaya palm provides for crop´s protection against the effects of herbivorous predators that inhabit the ecosystem were discussed, as well as the benefits for self-consumption and sale, as it is a seasonal food. Also, tours were carried out in the trails of the conservation area, to differentiate the phenotypic characteristics of the palm tree in the natural environments and those induced by rodents such as the guaqueque (Dasyprocta mexicana).

The characteristics for development were also differentiated into: plots within the forest, plots in corn planting areas, plots with and without management. In the end, the knowledge acquired was exchanged and a commitment to replicate in other participating communities, was generated. 

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