Exchange of experiences in traditional use of medicinal plants.

In recent decades, there has been a significant reduction in the areas of regional vegetation of the communities of Chiapas. This secondary vegetation is temporary and has been little used.

Over time, natural resources, products and traditional knowledge of the communities are being lost, so it is necessary to look for alternatives for the rescue of this ancestral knowledge, such as the production and conservation of plant products, the use of medicinal plants, which allows the rescue of this ethnobotanical.

In this regard, the AMBIO Cooperative, with the support of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas-El Ocote Biosphere Reserve (CONANP-REBISO), carried out the first exchange of experiences in the traditional use of medicinal plants, held at the Zoque Community Museum,in the city of Ocozocoautla de Espinosa, Chiapas.



The event was attended by women from the communities of Emilio Rabasa, San Joaquin del Progreso, Armando Zebadua, Veinte Casas (communities of the El Ocote Jungle Biosphere Reserve, Chiapas), as well as other guest actors. The objective of this exchange was to recover and systematize local knowledge about the traditional use of medicinal plants and the identification of alternatives for the use, management and conservation of these resources.

Thirty two people participated, who exchanged knowledge and experiences in the field of traditional medicine, as well as in the use and processing of some medicinal plants. The activity was of great impact for the assistants, they manifested their interest to conserve and transmit at the same time to the next generations, the traditional medicine, as well as, the interest in the conservation of these vegetal resources as a mitigation measure of the effects of climate change and constant deforestation.

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