Exchange of experiences on apicultural management.

Beekeeping has been identified as a sustainable productive activity for the ejidos and working communities of AMBIO.  It is an activity that does not require large areas, in addition to contributing to the increase of biodiversity in the work areas, through the pollination of species inside the jungles.

The implementation and development of beekeeping is an alternative where you can reforest with native species for honey, which are succulent for bees and highly importance for producers, since they contribute to increase the production of honey in their apiaries and to rescue those areas that have been deforested.

This AMBIO work component has proven to facilitate the integration of women in this productive activity, since it integrates any person with the knowledge of the bees and the practice, to the apiaries. It can involve the entire family unit, which makes it a productive activity that facilitates family equity.


The exchange of experiences and resources between the communities, represents an element of learning with the greatest wealth within the activities developed by AMBIO. The Ejidos Emilio Rabasa, San Joaquín and Libertad Campesina, participated in a exchange of experiences in the management of apiaries, organized by the teams of Ambio and the National Commision of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP).

Thirty people participated in this exchange, among technicians and producers of the three ejidos. The aim was to reinforce the basic knowledge about the management of the apiary, the basic equipment, the location of the boxes and the feeding of the bees, as well as to make known the aspects related to pests and diseases. With this exchange, we sought to contribute to the conservation of jungle and acahuales landscapes, in the ejidos where the demonstration plots were established, in order to disseminate this noble productive practice.

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