Women and their fight for the protection of Forests.

Currently, climate change, natural disasters and infectious diseases threaten thousands of women around the world, who are raising their voices to be heard. Their relationship with the environment and their sensitivity for the management of natural resources, it is still far from being valued.

From ancient times, they have contributed to the well-being and sustainable development of their communities, as well to conserving the ecosystems, biological diversity and natural resources of the planet. From collecting water and firewood for household needs, as well as raising farm animals, women in rural areas interact with natural resources and ecosystems on a daily basis. According to data from the United Nations (UN), girls and women are responsible for collecting 80% of the water in households in the world that do not have running water.

The current health crisis has revealed the increase in the double burden that they already have, by assuming the health care of sick relatives, the upbringing and education of children who do not go to schools, by cleaning the homes and food preparation, coupled with their job responsibilities.

In Mexico, according to data from the Consejo Civil Mexicano para Silvicultura Sostenible (CCMSS), about 14 million women live and work in rural areas spend and 89 hours a week (31 hours more than men) with work that is not taken into account. This work is carried out within the framework of the home, in tasks such as managing crops, raising farm animals, caring for children and the elderly, without being paid for the work.

Gender inequality, violence and social exclusion continue to increase in all latitudes. The AMBIO Cooperative recognizes and accompanies the struggle of all women to have their voices heard, as well as in their struggle to defend their rights and freedom. Women are key pieces for the defense of the territories and for the conservation of the environment.

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