Lines of action

Integral Management of the Territory

The territory is a land space that is delimited by a community, state or other political division, and where the means of production, populations, natural resources and administrative processes (authority) of the territory are considered.

The management of the territory has been related in the past to the basic needs of food. In the traditional models, the conservation of the environment, the dynamics of population growth, watersheds, cultural identities, economic dynamics, as well as public policies, which in the long run, if not taken into account, end up not being considered as relevant factors. affecting food production.

In the management of the territory, the increase of the world population, has caused the over exploitation of the resources, causing a severe impact in the natural areas. Likewise, the development of a population is accompanied by major challenges, such as the growing global poverty, inequalities, climate change, globalization and the competitiveness of markets.

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Capacity building

AMBIO has established itself as an organization recognized nationally and internationally for operating under the scheme of strengthening local capacities within working communities.

The purpose of the Organization is to promote sustainable rural development in a comprehensive, harmonious manner, in accordance with a gender perspective, rescue of culture and contribute to raising the socioeconomic levels of the communities in which it works.

This line of action is developed transversally to the lines of action of Integral Management of the Territory, as well as to the Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change, since all the work carried out in these lines of action, affect the development and strengthening of local capacities.

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Climate change

AMBIO addresses one of its lines of action, a topic of great importance worldwide, such as Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change.

The implemented initiatives seek to sensitize the population on the implications of the issue and to design in a participative way research and projects that help to face this problem in the southeast of Mexico.  

There are different ways to mitigate climate change, one of the strategies that provides a direct impact is through the sustainable management of forests and jungles, which in Mexico, belong mostly to rural communities.

Another way is the recovery of agricultural areas through the establishment of agroforestry systems (SAFs) that allow the recovery of tree strata in combination with agricultural activities.

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