Fire management in the "El Ocote" Biosphere Reserve.

Forest fires are one of the main causes of deforestation in the state of Chiapas. According to data from the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), for the year 2017, Chiapas ranked 8th nationally with the highest incidence of forest fires, with about 13,000 hectares affected. A large part of these fires have anthropogenic causes, such as burning for agricultural purposes.

The project called "Strengthening the Regional Strategy for Fire Management, including the Gender Perspective in the El Ocote Jungle Biosphere Reserve (FOMAFUR)", is implemented jointly by AMBIO, ECOMETRICA, GEF-CI and the US Forest Service.

This project aims to promote and link local actions that include a gender perspective, with the coordinated work of regional and state agencies, which strengthen the "Regional Fire Management Strategy for the El Ocote Jungle Biosphere Reserve".


During the month of May, the first awareness-raising workshop was held for the elaboration of a "Communitary Protocol of Communication and Emergency Coordination for Forest Fires", with the participation of men, women and children of the community. There were dynamics that allowed the identification of a community definition on gender perspective, a vision on the change of roles and a map with risk areas, as well as safe areas.

In the same way, the first field training activities were carried out in the San Joaquín el Rosario Ejido. The participation in the activity was conformed by the Official Brigade of the Selva El Ocote Biosphere Reserve (REBISO) and the (FOMAFUR) Project Brigades belonging to the ejidos: San Joaquín el Rosario, Horizonte, Nuevo San Juan Chamula and San Joaquín el Rosario.

This training was given by staff of AMBIO and the Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP-REBISO), where the indications and adequate measures for fire management were given, the distribution of tasks, and the adequate use of the equipment of protection, was indicated, as well as the tools for the combat of fire. Likewise, the teams exchanged experiences on the organization before, during and after a fire.

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