Women and Forests.

Rural women have a very important role in the conservation of forests and water. Their relationship derives from the activities developed in the plots, the local forests and the management of natural resources they use as food for their families, as well as the care and management of the water they consume in their households. They are key elements for the food security and they are repositories of traditional knowledge for the use of forest biodiversity (which they use in food and in medicinal purposes).

Women who participate directly and indirectly in the activities developed by AMBIO have had the opportunity to learn about the consequences of climate change in their environments and they have actively participated in the design of community strategies for a local approach. They are very important agents of change, since they have a comprehensive vision of local environmental problems, and how these affect the family unit. They directly manage the natural resources.

Through the work of AMBIO, many have been inserted in the collection of forest seeds, management of nurseries, the manage of their productive activities through the design of Planes Vivos, the formation of working groups for the local trade of mushrooms, the use medicinal plants, as well as their collaboration in the management of apiaries. In the Scolel'te program, about a 6% (of the total number of participants) are women who participate with their own lands and as smallholders, they carry out reforestations and management of their plots.


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