Technical Project Coordination

Elsa Esquivel / Sotero Quechulpa

Scolel'te Program

Rubén Trujillo
Professional Technician
Domingo Rodríguez
Regional Technician
Fernando López
Regional Technician
Miguel Cruz
Regional Technician
Jerónimo Gómez
Regional Technician
Nicolás Hernández
Regional Technician
Luis Mendoza
Regional Technician

Carbon Offsets (Sales)

Helena Barona
Carbon Sales

Environmental Services Program (CONAFOR)

Marcos Hernández
Technical coordinator

Technical Project Coordination

Elsa Esquivel

Program for Adaptation to Climate Change of the Ocote Biosphere Reserve- National Park of the Sumidero Canyon  

(PACC Ocote - Canyon Complex)

Technical Project Coordination

Elsa Esquivel

Carbon Maintenance and Increase Project

Elsa Esquivel
Sandro Miranda
Technical Project Coordinator
Gilberto Juárez
Regional Coordinator 1
César Parra
Regional Coordinator 2
Luis Jiménez
Gender Perspective Coordinator
David Hernández
Regional Technician
Jaime Pérez
Regional Technician
Esther Miranda
Logistics Assitant
Community Technicians (13)
Fire Brigadiers (65)

Strengthening of the Regional Strategy for Fire Management with Inclusion of the Gender Perspective

Reserve of the Biosphere Jungle El Ocote (FMCN)
Nayeli Pale
Field technician
Community Technician
Fire Fighting Brigades (10)

Forest "2020"

Elsa Esquivel
Program Manager

Project to Develop and Strengthen Local Capacities through the Training of Community Promoters for the Environmental Responsibility of the REBITRI

"Induction and awareness phase" (FONCET)
Liliana Rodríguez
Project Manager
Fabian López
Field technician

Community Forestry Monitoring Protocol

(Forest Service)
José Luis Cruz
Field technician
Community Technicians (4)
For the protocol

Administrative Coordination

Romeo Jiménez
Administrative coordinator

General Accounting

Luis Enrique Gómez
General Accounting

General Administration

Nicté López
General Administrative Assistant
Fernando González
Administrative Assistant CI-CEF
Galyda Cerón Sánchez

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