First results of biodiversity monitoring in El Ocote Biosphere Reserve (REBISO).

The Community Forest Protocol (jointly implemented by the AMBIO Cooperative and the US Forest Service) continues with the biodiversity monitoring activities, in specific monitoring of terrestrial mammals, through the establishment of trap cameras in El Ocote Biosphere Reserve ( REBISO). This work is carried out with the collaboration of communities of the Reserve, in such a way that allows them to acquire knowledge about the biodiversity monitoring methodology and expand the information on the species.

Thanks to the participation of the communities of San Joaquín and Emilio Rabasa, it was possible to place two trap cameras at strategic points in the area, where mammal trails and tracks have been identified. The reference period for the cameras to be placed in the field, it was of two months for photo trapping. During the month of August, the monitoring team proceeded to extract and review the information captured, which was disseminated with the community, to raise awareness of the importance of conserving their environment.

The review found different sightings of mammals, as well as birds, which highlights the work of community technicians. Within the sightings, the following species were found: Ocelot (Ocelote), Coati (Nasua narica), Grisón (Galictis Vittata), peccary (Pecari tajacu) an a tirana eagle (Spizaetus tyrannus). Finding this fauna, is an indicator that the ecosystem is in a certain degree of balance and conservation, this means that it houses smaller species, which are food for large and medium predators, such as the ocelot.


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