OXXO-AMBIO joint reforestation in Sumidero Canyon

Derived from an environmental social responsibility initiative of the OXXO Corporation and with the advice of the technical team of the Cooperativa AMBIO and the Cañón del Sumidero National Park (PNCS), the reforestation of 9 hectares was carried out in Loma Larga, buffer area of the Park . These reforestation work was financed by the OXXO Corporation, while AMBIO added the participation and advice of the CI-GEF Project Mitigation to Climate Change work team. This has the possibility of considering this reforested area for the carbon sequestration service, through the Scolel’te program.

The Loma Larga property is located on the north-eastern border of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, capital of the state of Chiapas, which together with the remaining forests in the area, help maintain the rain cycle and regulate the city's temperature. For the reforestation, a local crew was hired to begin with the work of brecheo (clean strips for planting) and cepas (open space on the ground to place the plant) in the area, leaving 2 hectares of land set for a social participation of the OXXO Team, made up with 80 workers, who sowed approximately 1800 native plants in the PNCS, covering these 2 hectares previously prepared.

The joint reforestation work continued for a week, with the participation of a crew hired by OXXO and the advice of the technical staff of AMBIO and the PNCS, until the planting of the 9 hectares of land was completed. It should be added that the plants used were species of: cedar ((Cedrela odorata), matilisguate (Tabebuia rosea) and spring tree (Tabebuia donnell-smithii), which were acquired at a local nursery.



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