Visit for the analysis of the adaptability of standards to the Mexican Carbon Standard.

The AMBIO Cooperative was visited by the working group that develops the methodologies for the registration of carbon forest projects and the certification of the increase of carbon stocks, with the use of the Mexican Carbon Standard NMX-AA-173-SCFI-2015. This work is funded by the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) and the National Science and Technology Council (CONACYT).

The purpose of the visit was to learn about the methodologies that are used by various international standards, such as the Plan Vivo Standard, which is used in the mexican and international market. This work has the purpose of advancing in the establishment of the criteria and the methodology that allows to evaluate the adaptability of other standards, as well as development of the methodologies for the NMX-173.

The working group, conformed of nine researchers from different regions of the country, consulted the methodological basis used by the Scolel´te Program, its learnings and the challenges faced. Likewise, the way in which field activities are carried out, additionality, baselines, quantification and monitoring of carbon stock increases, leakages, permanence, accreditation, safeguards, non-permanence risk assessments, as well as MRV mechanisms (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification), all issues of great relevance to carbon standards.

The researchers showed special interest in knowing the mechanisms for carbon monitoring used by the Scolel´te plots, as well as the market mechanisms that have allowed the program to remain throughout 22 years of work. As part of the work agenda, an improved fallow plot was visited, which was established in 2005 and it is located in the community of Tziscao, municipality of Trinitaria.


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