Forest restoration system.

In general, soil degradation and deforestation are the result of industrialization processes, poor agricultural practices and population growth. This phenomenon affects millions of people, since it degrades and pollutes the soil, as well as generates significant economic losses due to the degradation of ecosystems.

To address this problem, the Scolel'te Program has a restoration system (reforestation and natural regeneration of temperate forests), which consists of the recovery of forest areas affected by natural disturbances (fires, extreme weather events, etc.). ) or anthropogenic (caused by man). The restoration system promotes reforestation with species such as Pinus oocarpa, Pinus pseudostrobus (various pine species); Cupressus lusitánica (Cypress) and Quercus spp (Oak).

With this system, 116 hectares of forest have been regenerated and the smallholders have received payments for the carbon capture. Nowdays, these plots provide to the families, wood for construction, firewood, protection of water sources, as well as various medicinal plants, providing social benefits. In the same way, these forests fulfill an important environmental function, since they function as habitat for diverse species of birds, mammals and reptiles.

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