Conservation International Specialists Visit

An international technical team made up of experts from the Washington D.C. and Ecuador of Conservation International (Free of Koning, Orissa Samaro, Shannon Wiecks of and Daniela Carrion, made a one-week work visit to assess progress and follow-up  of the GEF-CI-AMBIO Project.

In the first part of the visit, presentations were made by the AMBIO Technical Team, on the progress of the project, the implementation of the gender perspective, the agroforestry systems implemented and their carbon sequestration, as well as the sale of bonds in the voluntary carbon market, financial documents and the linking of projects with other initiatives, such as the Fire Management Fund (FMCN), the Forest 2020 Project and the Forest Service of the United States. 

The visits to communities were made in Efraín Gutiérrez, Emiliano Zapata, Libertad Campesina and Villa Allende. In these ejidos, plots established with agroforestry systems were visited (live fences, improved acahual, taungya and improved coffee plantations). In Libertad Campesina there was a dialogue with the working groups on beekeeping, nurseries, seed collection, the Voluntary Brigade of Protection against Forest Fires and the nursery managed by a group of women. In the Ejido Villa Allende, a talk was held with the group of women who work with the production of fungi mushrooms.

The importance of the carbon payments of the Scolel'te program was discussed and how they contribute to the economy of the families for the purchase of pantries, purchase of clothing and for the work of the plots.


Finally, a meeting was held with all the partners of the GEF-CI-AMBIO Project, made up of the AMBIO Cooperative, the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), the Secretariat of the Environment and Natural History (SEMAHN), the Autonomous University of Chiapas (UNACH), where the progress of the implementation and construction of regional safeguards were presented.

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