National Tree Day and the Scolel´te Program

In Mexico, the “National Tree Day” is celebrated on the second Thursday of July, it´s celebration arosed from the presidential decree of 1959, to dedicate one day a year to the care, conservation and reflection on the value of trees for preservation of life. Trees are a natural benefit, which provide food, are the refuge of wild animals, protect us from rain, regulate the water cycle, capture carbon, produce oxygen, wood, regulate the climate and mitigate the effects of climate change, these benefits are known as ecosystem services.

México has 138 million hectares of forest cover, representing a third of its territorial area, as well as 4.9% of the carbon sequestration and storage of the national emissions. However, these terrestrial ecosystems are vulnerable to indiscriminate logging and fires, therefore, the reforestation of degraded areas or affected by any of these causes, contributes to the restoration of forests, providing multiple ecosystem services.

The Scolel´te program applies reforestation work with 27 native species, which are known by working communities and have a high cultural value. The hormiguillo (Platymiscium dimorphandrum) is a timber tree that manages to reach a height of 35 meters and a diameter of 80 centimeters. It has a hardwood, ideal for working musical instruments or to be used as wood for construction. In Chiapas it has a high commercial value, since it is used for the elaboration of the musical instrument known as Marimba.

In the Ribera El Chininal working community, in the municipality of San Fernando (Chiapas), there was a successful experience with the use of the hormiguillo for reforestation work. The community identified it as a local tree and selected it for the design of the Planes Vivos. The collection of local seeds and the germination in the community nursery was achieved, which allowed a reforestation with 1,200 hormiguillo trees.



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