Elaboration of Planes Vivos and reforestation activities

The Planes Vivos are a key planning tool for the design, execution and monitoring of reforestation and forest management activities in the Scolel'te Program, operated by AMBIO.

These contribute to the participants making an individual or community land management, which includes a work schedule and costs of the actions to be carried out. It is based on the union of practical experience, the knowledge of the context of the participants and the assistance of the AMBIO technical team.

It is sought through the planning process that the proposed activities do not compete with the activities that provide sustenance to the smallholders. To do this, participants can choose different ways of planting trees, since there are currently 6 agroforestry systems, according to their productive activities and area of ​​plots.

By 2018, smallholders from 17 communities participate for the first time in the Program and have already completed the preparation of their Planes Vivos. These are the basis for initiating the establishment of agroforestry systems within their lands.


To facilitate the process of preparing the Planes Vivos, the participants received 3 workshops, where topics were addressed, such as: climate change, environmental services, forest systems, agroforestry systems, the design and preparation of Planes Vivos.

The smallholders carry out reforestations with temperate forest species, such as: pine (Pinus s.p.p.) and cypress (Cupressus s.p.). For tropical climates, the species used are (Cedrala odorata), bojón (Cordia alliodora) and maculis (Tabebuia rosea) are used.

These communities are mostly dedicated to the cultivation of self-consumption, the sale of bananas and other fruit products on a small scale, the cultivation of mushrooms, small-scale livestock, beekeeping, the production of handmade coal and the sale of embroidery.

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