Plant supply for the Scolel´ te Program

The Scolel´te Program received a donation of plants from the Ministry of the Environment and National History (SEMAHN). This donation is part from the collaboration work between both institutions, to carry out reforestation works in different places in the state of Chiapas.

SEMAHN donated a total of 23,200 plants of tropical species used by Scolel´te for restoration and reforestation works with the participating communities. The species donated were: boxwood tree (Cordia alliodora), cedar(Cedrela odorata), maculis tree (Tabebui rosea), ramón tree (Brosimum alicastrum), guanacaste tree (Enterolobium cyclocarpum), guachipilín tree (Diphysa robinioides) and spring tree (Tabebuia donnel-smithii).

The benefited communities were: 4 communities in the municipality of Villa Corzo (Reforma, San Juan de los Ángeles, Las Maravillas and Bonanza), 1 community in the municipality of Villaflores (Niquidambar), 3 communities in Ocozocoautla (San Juan Chamula, Divisadero, and Nicolás Bravo), 5 communities of Berriozábal (San Martin, Tirol, Caracol, Emiliano Zapata and Efraín Gutiérrez) and the community of Vicente Guerrero, in the municipality of San Fernando. These communities are located in the Sierra and Selva Zoque-Sumidero Canyon work areas.

With this delivery of plants, the smallholders will carry out the replacement of dead plants, which were lost due to natural causes or pests. This will allow them to complete the work established with the taungya, living fences and improved fallow agroforestry systems.

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