Evaluation, analysis and the new panorama after twenty years of the creation of the CAMAFU.

The Fire Management Community (CAMAFU) was an initiative originated and promoted, for twenty years ago by the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (FMCN). At the time of its creation, it was so to promote the exchange of knowledge, information and experiences among the various governmental, non-governmental and social actors that had an interest in promoting Fire Management (FM) in Mexico.

The AMBIO Cooperative is part of this group of actors, who have participated in giving the principles to the strategy, that includes as one of the priority points the local communities, as key actors for the attention of forest fires and from a different perspective, which does not stigmatize the farmer, but make them part of the solution. 

After twenty years of work, there are now community brigades for protection against forest fires better trained and linked to different institutions such as the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas. Progress has been made towards the generation of an important link between all the actors involved, in addition to the generation of technical, operational and command capacity in the prevention and firefighting actions.



During the month of August, a meeting of CAMAFU Chiapas was held, for the analysis, evaluation and design of a new panorama for the fire management strategy, where the priorities were determined, and which are necessary for the state of Chiapas.

Among the important actions identified in the meeting,  the following stand out: the need to strengthen the link with state or national institutions and universities, for research purposes; the homologation of knowledge at the institutional level; the regionalization of equipment and instruments for firefighters; a list of human resources that are certified; to strengthen the work and safety of community brigades, among others.  It is expected to obtain a document with the main strategies to be presented before the State Committee for Forest Fire Protection and the Regional Committees.

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