Fire management and control of forest fires.

Forest fires are one of the main causes of ecosystem loss. These are incidents of uncontrolled fire that devastates forest lands, causing serious damage to wildlife (flora and fauna), loss of soil, air pollution, alterations to the hydrological cycle, increase in carbon emissions, as well as social damage, economical, political and operational.

According to data from the Ministry of the Environment (Mexico-SEMARNAT) 90 percent of forest fires have an anthropogenic origin (caused by human activities). Some of the activities that provoke them are illegal logging (they leave fuel material in the area, such as trunks or branches), bonfires lit by hikers, cigarette butts, burning garbage, cleaning land with fire and bad agricultural practices, among other. The dry seasons are of greater risk for the generation of forest fires, as well as the wind, that is usually a factor for its propagation. During the first three months of 2019, 139 forest fires have been reported, affecting 5,000 hectares, in Chiapas (CONAFOR, 2019).

The fire brigades are a key element for the early attention and combat of the fires. As part of the activities that the AMBIO Cooperative implement for the management of fire at the community level, various community brigades have been formed. They play a fundamental role in their communities, as they are the first to fight the fire in their localities.

Among the activities they perform are: surveillance tours, firebreaks, awareness and the fight against fire. In order for the brigades to carry out these activities, they receive training from AMBIO (joint activities with government authorities) for the basic courses of fire fighting. They also receive equipment, which includes: personal equipment and hand tools.


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