Integral Management of the Territory

The territory is a land space that is delimited by a community, state or other political division, and where the means of production, populations, natural resources and administrative processes (authority) of the territory are considered.

The management of the territory has been related in the past to the basic needs of food. In many models, they were not considered relevant factors, such as the conservation of the environment, the dynamics of population growth, watersheds, cultural identities, economic dynamics, as well as public policies, which eventually affect the media of production.

The world´s population growth has caused the over exploitation of the resources, causing a severe impact in the natural areas. Likewise, the development of cities is accompanied by major challenges, such as the growing global poverty, inequalities, climate change, globalization and growing competition among markets.

A territorial system, includes interrelations between rural and urban areas, as well as the generation of poles of attraction linked to the market, production, technology and new information systems. With this, it has an impact in economic, social, environmental and cultural terms.

The development of rural areas turns out to be of great importance in terms of conservation of natural resources, since these areas are the richest in terms of biodiversity.

To work on the challenges that rural development represents, strategies must be approached from a multifactorial perspective and with a comprehensive approach. Sustainable rural development seeks to ensure the participation of all actors in the process, to achieve the effectiveness and sustainability of the development initiatives proposed. They should always be accompanied by a process of social dialogue, so they can be adopted by the actors and developed in the long term.


AMBIO has been working for nearly two decades with elements of integral management of the territory, from the design of the Planes Vivos with the participants of the communities where it works.

In them, territorial, natural, social, political, economic and cultural elements are considered, under the focus of social participation in the design and structuring of the activities that will be carried out in each plot.

The work carried out from AMBIO, contributes proactively to compliance with international standards in favor of the environment, sustainable development and conservation, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the AICHI Biodiversity Biodiversity Targets and the Bonn Challenge.

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