As part of the activities of the Community Forestry Monitoring Project, developed by AMBIO and the US Forest Service in the El Ocote Jungle-Sumidero Canyon Complex, monitoring work has been carried out to gather biodiversity data during the dry season.

These activities were focused on fostering social participation (through groups of community monitors) for the application of terrestrial mammal monitoring. The first monitoring results obtained during the dry season (generally from February to May), presented a herd of Collared Peccary (Pecari tajacu) who were the first to appear, after they were looking for a watering place, due to the prolonged hot season in the area.

Likewise, it was possible to monitor some herds that flee from the different fires that occurred in the surroundings of the monitoring site. It is worth mentioning, que se ha presentado una disminución en el número de manadas, ya que el grupo de monitores, When they visit their plots, they have noticed the absence of this species, as a result of deforestation in the area.

Faced with this problem, the group of monitors began to disseminate information with the population of nearby ejidos, to raise awareness about the presence of the monitored species and the impact that land use change activities have on reducing their presence. This is the case of the Ejido Emilio Rabasa, where numerous species had been found through phototrapping.

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