Women and community brigades.

The participation of women at the community level in fire management contributes to have a comprehensive vision of the strategies that allow the prevention against forest fires. The women who decide to participate are motivated to protect their natural resources, as a heritage for their families.

The AMBIO Cooperative has been developing work for the past two years to integrate women into community brigades for fire management (the above with the support of the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature A.C.). This work has been a challenge for the women who participate, since there are factors that limit them, such as: the customs and traditions, differences in physical strength and the lack of time derived from family chores, which are seen as limitation for their participation.

Despite the above, 2022 began with the active participation of three young women and mothers in the brigades, who carry out surveillance tours in the dry season. Two of them are participating in the maintenance of fire breaks and one was chosen as brigade chief.

The response of their male counterparts has been varied, since some engage and contribute to the developing of joint activities in a coordinated way, in other cases, the prejudice still prevails that women do not have the necessary physical strength to be able to carry out fire prevention works. As the community brigades advance in the work, the women prove their abilities to carry out these activities, and little by little, they contribute to break down those prejudices.

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