Third party verification to the Scolel´te Program.

The Scolel´te Program is currently under a third party verification process to guarantee the compliance of the Program, with what is determined by the Plan Vivo Standard. An independent verification contributes to improvement of the activities, to strengthen results and establish proposals.

The verification body in charge of this activity, is the Association for Standardization and Certification (ANCE). This entity has the experience in Mexico for the verification of forestry projects, which serve as instruments for the conservation of natural resources, through forest management and cultivation activities, and to promote the removal of greenhouse gases, accompanied by a carbon markets sales scheme.

Scolel´te received two verifiers from ANCE in a one-week working journey, where documentary reviews, interviews with the AMBIO technical team and an analysis of the pertinent physical and digital documentation were carried out. All this in order to evaluate compliance of the Scolel´te Program.

The verification considered tours and visits to eight plots located in the regions of Trinitaria, Sumidero Canyon-Zoque Jungle Complex and Selva, to interview producers with years of entry into the Program, from 2003 to 2020.

These visits allow to confirm the permanence of the systems and the appropriation of the smallholders to the knowledge transmitted through the Scolel´te Program. The results of the verification will be presented through an ANCE Report, a public document that will be delivered once the verification is completed.

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