Nursery of Scolel'te.

Community nurseries are key to plant production under a self-sustaining management approach, since they work with the collection of local seeds for the production of timber tree plants that will be used in the reforestation and restoration of the Scolel'te Program in each region. Since 2006, AMBIO has been training a technical team with skills for the safe climbing of timber trees and the collection of forest seeds.

From the collection and management of forest seeds, threatened species or species of high local and commercial value for the participating communities have been reproduced, in a way that the conservation of native seed germplasm of interest for the participating communities is guaranteed. In addition, the diversification of local income is encouraged, since all these activities are supported by the people of the community.

Currently there are community nurseries in the Community of Santa Isabel, in the municipality of Villacorzo, located within the Frailescana Natural Resources Protection Area (FNRPA). This community nursery is made up of 10 families from the community, who have carried out everything from seed collection to plant care. The nursery produces 35,000 plants of different species including; caobilla, cedar, matilisguate, mataratón or cocoite, guachipilín.

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