25th Anniversary of the Cooperativa AMBIO

25th Anniversary of the Cooperativa AMBIO

In this year and month of July, at Cooperativa AMBIO we celebrate our 25th anniversary dedicated to community work, the increase and care of forest areas and the ecosystem services they provide. Along this journey, we have had important national and international partners and collaborators whom we thank for making our way together and for placing their trust in us.

But more than anything, the entire AMBIO team wants to thank the families of the 120 peasant and indigenous communities that collaborate with us, women, men, young people and the elderly, who carry out the restoration and conservation of their forests for the benefit of the humanity.

With your support and collaboration, we hope to continue fulfilling this joint mission for at least 25 more years. Congratulations!

Cooperativa AMBIO

Management of natural resources in favor of community development.