CAMAFU (Fire Management Learning Community) Meeting 2023

As part of the actions of the Fire Management Learning Community (CAMAFU) in which the Cooperativa Ambio is a member, from the 11th to the 14th of this month the XII CAMAFU Meeting 2023 was held in the Las Joyas Scientific Station (ECLJ) of the University of Guadalajara and Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve (BR), Jalisco. The objective of this meeting was to identify actions to strengthen the monitoring processes of the effects of forest fires and generate information for decision-making within the framework of the Fire Management and Restoration Fund (FOMAFUR) projects.

Experiences were exchanged between the members of the projects of the FOMAFUR and the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (FMCN) on the monitoring and evaluation of fires controlled burning and prescribed burning. In particular, the Cooperativa AMBIO shared its experience in protection against forest fires in the El Ocote BR, from the perspective of a colleague from the technical team, in a FOMAFUR video in Spanish and in Tzotzil.

In this meeting, in addition to AMBIO, members of JIRA (Intermunicipal Environmental Board for the Integral Management of the Ayuquila River Lower Basin), Maderas del Carmen Protected Natural Area, Janos BR, Sierra de Manantlán BR, La Sepultura BR, La Encrucijada BR, CONAFOR, Pronatura-Yucatán Peninsula AC, BIOMASA (Biodiversity, Environment, Soil and Water) and FONCET (Conservation Fund El Triunfo AC).