Testimony of a doctoral student stay at AMBIO.

Testimony of a doctoral student stay at AMBIO.

“The approaches from the academy to society can be carried out in multiple ways, the link with civil society means a learning of contrast, which allows recognizing one of the ways in which it contributes to collective well-being.

The opportunity to be part of the long-standing experience of trading carbon credits meant a dream come true, I had read various articles about Scolel'te and from an email I had a positive response and all the openness of the team members, highlighting the quality and affectivity of the people who make up the project are, in my opinion, the support of a great program.

My experience, short but significant in such a virtuous organization inspired me to continue actions in favor of the care of forest territories, it meant knowing from another perspective the effective, organizational actions and the challenges that still lie ahead. It contributed greatly to my professional and human experience, without a doubt they are a sign of the commitment to care for forest territories in southeastern Mexico.” *

Infinite thanks!

Paulina Carrasco Ramirez
* Direct translation from the original in Spanish.