Conservation Agriculture.

Conservation Agriculture (CA) is a technique that contributes to resilience against the impacts of climate change, improves soil quality, prolongs its useful life and allows the use of natural resources in a sustainable way.

The CA principle is to cause the minimum alteration in soil mechanics, allowing organic matter and its microbiota to interact with each other, to return nutrients and natural fertility. It promotes the maintenance of a permanent cover of living or dead plant material, which is why it requires crop diversification through crop rotation with legume species, to promote the recovery of soil fertility.

This is part of the work of the project "Monitoring and Community Surveillance for Socio-Environmental Resilience in the APRN La Frailescana" that is carried out with the collaboration of El Triunfo Conservation Fund (FONCET), to make the participants aware of the advantages of using Conservation Agriculture for the management of their plots.

For this purpose, two short videos were designed with testimonials from farmers who no longer use fire to prepare their land and who properly manage their stubble (crop residues) to obtain the necessary coverage, protection and fertilizers for their soils. By no longer use of fire, forest fires caused by agriculture practices are reduced, which are precisely one of the main causes of these fires.

Video informativo:

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