Annual Meeting of the GCF Task Force.

Annual Meeting of the GCF Task Force.

In representation of the Plan Vivo Standard, AMBIO participated in the Annual Meeting of the Governors' Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF Task Force) in Mérida, Yucatán (México), between February 7th to the 10th, 2023. This Working Group was created with the purpose to address problems related to the tropical deforestation and climate change.

Some of the problems addressed by the Working Group have been the factors that give rise to the loss of biodiversity, food, energy and water insecurity, as well as rural poverty. This group currently has 43 members in eleven countries and one of its purposes is to implement the REDD+ strategy at the Jurisdictional Level.

AMBIO (on behalf of Plan Vivo) participated in the Panel "Challenges of the implementation of the guiding principles for collaboration and alliances between subnational governments, local communities and indigenous peoples", where AMBIO talked about the particularities and experience of the Standard Plan Vivo, as well as the applicability on a small scale, which allows to resume the interests of the communities and comply with a Prior, Free and Informed Consent (PFIC).

AMBIO also stated the need to not only guarantee the quality of carbon credits for the buyers, but also for communities, since it is necessary to recognize and respect their vision on forest management. It was noted that the Standard has extensive work experience in Africa and Asia, which is why it is currently seeking to have a greater presence in Latin America.